Remington 870 Slug Gun            Custom built Remington Slug Gun           Remington 870 Slug Gun

​Remington 870 Slug Gun

​AI&P Tactical Custom Build Remington 870 Slug Gun

This slug gun is built with police quality parts and will give you positive feed. The finish is parkerized to give you an edge when in the harsh winter weather. Built from all new factory parts and accessories. Built on 870 Magnum receiver,

The polymer trigger housing is more durable then cast aluminum and is upgrade with heavy carrier dog follower spring as used in the 870 Police to ensure positive feed. I installed a Wilson Combat Over size safety because if your using this you most likely have gloves on. The bolt is upgraded with a solid steel extractor as used in the 870 Police. I install a competition sear to give you a 3 pound trigger pull. 20" fully rifled rifle sight barrel is parkerized with the same heavy zinc parkerizing as the receiver.

A Wilson combat one round extension is installed to allow you to still get four 3" magnum slugs in the tube or for five 2 3/4 shells. This also has the heavy Wilson power spring and combat follower to ensure positive feed. The stock is a Remington synthetic Monte Carlo with a quick detach stud installed in the stock. I installed a Remington Supercell recoil pad to help take the bite out of those magnum sabots. Your front sling mount is a vertical plate with a Quick detach stud.

Why is barrel not pinned?   Because you don’t need this when both sights are on the barrel.  With this barrel when you sight the gun in you are sighting the barrel in and you can pull this barrel off and put it on another 870 and you are still sighted in.   Same with the Cantilever mounts.   The only time you need a pinned barrel is when you are putting a receiver mounted optic on a shotgun.  Those can not be as accurate as shotgun barrels move.   

This weapon is $665 plus shipping to your ffl dealer. Weight unloaded is 7.5 pounds. Length is 40.25 inches, Capacity is 5+1.

Note: the buyer must send me an e-mail stating he understands the trigger pull of this firearm is 3 pounds and is less than the standard 870 trigger pull. All AI&P Tactical Shotguns are warrantied in full for two years.

Change to the 23" fully rifled Cantilever barrel for $60 or the 20" Cantilever barrel for $100.

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