LE Refinishing

Check the serial number and you will see that is the same receiver.    The first picture is the exact condition it came to me and is not even sandblasted yet.   The lite sparkle you see in the second picture from the camera flash reflecting off of the zinc particles in the Parkerizing and will not show without the flash.   The finish is as black as my ex-wifes heart and not grey as the flash makes it appear. 

You can have the guns reparkerized and have all the internals serviced and any parts issues replaced.  This almost always involved nothing more then a couple small springs.    Some Departments have opted for new barrels and have added tube extension.    You can convert your guns to 14" models as I have the barrels in stock.   Your guns with a 14" barrel and Wilson one extension will still have a 5+1 Capacity but be 4.5" inches shorter.   This makes them easier to deploy from Cruisers and will enhance the Officer ability to move through building and heavily wooded areas.   

The cost of this service depends on what you want done and what you want added.   It also depends on how many guns you send in as volume deserves a discount.     I can give you a general idea that to have your 870 refinished would be around $140 plus return shipping for the average 870.    The price would of course increase if you want new stocks, barrels, shell holders or tube extensions.     These parts would be added for slightly above my dealer cost and that would also depend on how many guns you send in.

So you can simply have your guns refinished as is or you can look at my Custom Builds and have them turned into any of those.    You can also have them rebuilt to your Specifications.  

No one is going to provide the quality refinishing at a better price or do a better job then I will on your guns.   Every one of them that leaves my shop will be Duty ready and one that I would take to a gun fight.

Contact me for a bid on refinishing your Departments 870's.  You will end up with New Condition shotguns and take the money you saved and spend it on other Department needs.

This service is available to Law Enforcement Agencies only.     I am a Remington Factory Certified Law Enforcement Armorer with 36 years experience.  I return to the factory in Illion every three years to Certify on the 870P, 11-87P and the 11-87P.   My current Certification is at the bottom of the home page.

 The decision to refurbish or replace your 870's is and easy one.    The 870 is the Tank of the shotgun world and can be kept in service for beyond your career.    You look at these guns and see beaten battered steel and wood and think they are old and have outlived their use.    You are wrong.    Remember there is only one 870 and they differ by finish, furniture and a couple inexpensive small parts.    I would take the 870 Express out of the box, do a quick function test and take it to any fight I had to go to.   Those old Wingmasters in your armory are as deadly today as they day your Department purchased them.    I have snatched 870's from the grave and when I was finished they could have been place in the rack of any gun shop and passed for "New".   The only way you would know they were not was to look at the serial number.   This is not just a cosmetic refinishing.    The entire gun will be brought back to Duty ready and ready for another ten years of Duty.     Here is an example.