Remington 870 Police Magnum    Custom 870 Police Magnum    870P   Remington 870 Police

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Remington 870 Police Magnum       Remington 870 Police       Remington Police Shotguns

Remington 870 Police Magnum

​AI&P Tactical Police Elite Model

Few people will need this model, few people would not want this model.    Factory new 870 Police Magnum receiver with all new factory Police parts.  I have added the Wilson Combat over size safety.   The barrel is an 18.5" Police, fixed I/C choke which is the best all-around choke for a fighting shotgun.  I installed a Remington LE 2 shot extension to give this weapon a 6+1 capacity.  To ensure the best feed I installed an SBE follower which is aluminum and Teflon coated and in my experience is the best out there.  Or you change that to Wilson Combat Two round extension with Wolf Power Spring and SBE aluminum tactical Follower and I recommend if your Department does not require all OEM parts that you do this.  The Wilson has a stand alone mag tube couple so no barrel bracket is need.   No barrel bracket means you barrel and tube will not be marred down to bare steel.   As a one piece tube the Wilson is not subject to hang ups as the Remington LE is known for if not installed perfectly.

The Stock is the Mesa Tactical LEO with Endine Buffer and a Limbsaver M-4 Recoil pad.   This is the best possible recoil reducing stock on the market today and the Limbsaver pad adds comfort when shooting exceeding anything else out there.  The stock is adjustable with a pull of the lever and can adjust to any shooter.  The best benefit of this stock is that it all but eliminates muzzle flip which means you can get faster follow up shots.   This could save your life in a fight.   Included is a Mesa Tactical push button Quick detach single point attachment and also has a slotted attachment at the rear of the stock.  

I added a Mesa 6 round Ploy shell holder to the receiver.   This new product from Mesa Tactical has dual retention strips that keeps your ammo secure no matter what you are putting the weapon through.  I can change this to Stock mounted Mesa 6 rd or upgrade with both.  You also can upgrade by adding another 4 round Mesa shell holder on the right side for more ammo carry.  I recommend a six shot Mesa on the stock as the only shell holder, unless you believe you need more rounds on the weapon and can deal with the added weight.  I have never heard of anyone being killed in a gun fight because he had too much ammo.

As anyone who has spoken with me concerning one of my builds you know that I most likely talked you down to a practical model.   Understanding what one needs as opposed to what one wants is important.   Anyone wanting a high end tactical shotgun has found it.  Just understand this is not what you need for Home Defense or having a blast at the range.   Look at my other models.  Call me and let's discuss what it is you want.  However, for any LEO who relies on these weapons every hour of every shift and to those on Tactical teams such as SRT. HRT and High Risk Warrant Teams, this weapon was built with you in mind and the requirements of your mission.  And of course for anyone who just plain ass wants one.

The cost of this weapon as listed above $1,155 plus shipping.  Do the math and compare the High quality high end accessories on this weapon to any weapon being offered by any of my competitors.   You will not find any of these features on a competitor’s weapon at this price.   Not even close.

Click on the below pictures to make them larger.    Note:  Pictures show different mounting options of the shell carrier but the build comes with only one, of course you can upgrade with more.