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If you want purchase any of the Accessories or part on this page send me an e-mail and I will send you an e-mail to confirm the price and that the items is in stock.   I will then hold the items for you.   Payment can be by personal or bank check or Money Order.   If you want to pay be CC or Debit that adds 3% thievery and you call me with your order and information.

I DO NO TAKE PAY PAL.  I do not have automatic check out because customers would then be buying the wrong barrel for their gun or their need and I would be taking returns.    By calling and simply asking questions you will be assured the best barrel for you weapon, your need and the best price.

All Police barrels are Factory Parkerized or Parkerized by me.   The barrels and tubes that I parkerize are done with heavy Zinc the same as the weapons I build and are pre-blackened with Brownell pre-black treatment.  I build duty and weapons for heavy use and this is the best finish for this. 

Black Oxide, also called Matte are Express or Special Purpose Barrels and will come with that finish.   If used on and AI&P Tactical Shotgun or for a Refinishing build they will Parkerized as with the Police Barrel to match your refinished Receiver.

Note: If you want a barrel for a Remington870 Express for Home Defense I recommend the 18.5 Cyl Bore  as it is a matte finish and will match your weapon.

I am an Authorized Remington Parts Dealer and can get any Remington Item so if you don't see it here just ask.

There are also more gun parts and stuff on my e-store and that site has check out if you are simply looking for small parts

If you are building an AOW or SBS check out these Virgin Receivers and 14" Barrels.

Virgin factory  receivers -  shell latches and ejector installed , no other parts included.  The sell for $278.33 on the 2018 parts list.   The 11-87 Police sells for $333.38.    Comes with Factory Serial Number Manifest.  Must ship to an FFL Transfer Dealer.

870 12ga Police Parkerized                                                                          $260

870 12ga Police Wingmaster Blued                                                            $260

870 12ga Marine                                                                                           $260

11-87 12ga Police Receiver                                                                         $298

​870 20ga Black Oxide                                                                                  $260

870 Complete receivers are $530 and this adds the breech bolt, slide, forend tube assembly with nut, trigger plate assembly and trigger pins.   Marine complete Virgin receiver has all factory new marine parts and Police receiver has all factory new Police parts.  POR for Complete 11-87 Police receiver

New Receiver (gun smith take off not a virgin receiver so not eligible for an AOW build,) 12ga 870 stripped matte finish, m You can build an SBS on this or any build other then an AOW, yet this receiver would retail for $278.33 on the 2018 Remington if a Virgin Receiver.                                                                            

Remington 12ga 870 Receiver 3" Black Oxide Finish                 $180.00​

870 12ga Barrels  - (See the "about Shipping" link for shipping cost)

There are over 110 barrels for the 12ga 870.   Yes, many are the same barrel but in different finishes but this still makes this the most versatile pump shotgun made.   Just to compare, there are only 11 made for the Mossberg 500.   For the barrels below make sure you understand the finishes.    Matte finish is the finish for the Express shotgun and is an applied finish made to look like Parkerizing.    Special Purpose finish is the same matte finish, however they polish the barrel more to make the finish look smoother.   Blued is the finish of the Wingmaster.   Marine is a Nickel finish.   There is a Poly Coat Finish that is matte Black and never needs Oiled.   It is a decent coating and the flaking issue of years ago was resolved when they found the guy skipping a step in the application process and fired him.    I have had a couple guys complain about the Parkerize barrels having the gold bead between the barrel and sight base and also the stand off block.  This is the brazing and because it has nickel in the composition it will not take Parkerizing.  In fact that is how I can look at a matte finished Express 18.5" Bead sight barrel from a distance and tell it is an Express barrel.  If I don't see that gold bead under the sight I know it is an Express barrel.   One guy was so anal he wanted to return the barrel to me and have me paint that bead black.   I of course said no but Offered a refund.    I guess he painted it and is a happy "Tacti-fool" gun owner now.

Most Express barrels do not have the barrel ring detent plunger that retains the magazine cap or mag tube coupling.  If you are going to put this barrel on a Wingmaster or Police you simply get a "Wave Washer"  This works great, so great in fact that Wilson Combat include then for their Tube Extension when installing on an Express Barreled shotgun.  ​​

​Barrel abbreviations

​Cyl        -    Cylinder Choke,  Also called Cylinder Bore,  is the most open choke with little to no restriction at the muzzle

​IC         -​    Improved Cylinder is more restriction then Cyl and the best all around choke for a fighting gun

Modified -  Is more restriction the IC and provides tighter patterns, however does do well with Flight Control ammo

Full    -   Is generally he most restrictive choke and not available in short 870 barrels, is mostly a sporting choke

RC  -  Stands for Remington Choke, also called Rem Choke, these are threaded insert changeable choke tubes

BS -  Stands for Bead Sight

RS - Stands for Rifle Sights

Trit -  Stands for Tritium which is a glowing liquid use in gun sights.

GR - Stands for a Tacti-Fool mess that has no place on a fighting shotgun, also Called Ghost Rings

Hi-viz -  Stands for High Visibility,  can be simply a bright white sight or some kind of fiber optic

VT-  Stands for Vent Rib, this is a raised rib that runs along the top of the barrel and the Bead sight is on the end.

MT -  stands for Matte finish, with Remington that is the Express Finish

WM - Stands for Wingmaster, these barrels are a high luster blued finish same as the Wingmaster receivers.

PK - Stands for Parkerized.   Only the 870 Police and the 11-87 Police Barrels are factory Parkerized.

14" factory 12ga 870 Barrels.  Note these are for NFA weapons only.  You may purchase one if you are pending your ATF approval if it is legal in your state to even posses the barrel.  However, the second you put this on a non ATF approved shotgun you commit a felony.  Don't risk your freedom, money and right to own firearms for lack of a $200 tax stamp;  Note:  All come with fixed Modified choke as that is all Remington Offers.   All 14" barrels are Police barrels and have the barrel ring detent plunger.  No Remington Police barrel are threaded for choke tubes, none.

14" bead sight parkerized                                                               $180
14" bead sight Wingmaster high luster Blue                                  $183
14" Rifle sight parkerzied                                                                    $188
14" XS Low Profile sights (none Tritium)                                          $202
14" XS Low Profile with Tritium From Sight                                       $230
14" With Trijicon Rifle Sights                                                                  $220
14" Marine Nickel has only a Front Sight and it is
       Trijicon Tritium                                                                                        $206

12 Ga 870 Barrels
18.5 fixed Cyl Bore, bead sight matte finish                                         $110
   No detent will add Speed Wave washer for $2.00
18.5" fixed Cyl Bore, bead sight matte finish
   With barrel ring detent                                                                       $125

18.5 Police, fixed I/C, bead sight. Parkerized                                       $132  

18.5 Police, Fixed Modified. Parkerized 

      With Meprolight Tritium Bead                                                         $250

18.5 Police, rifle sights, fixed I/C Parkerized                                          $158              
18.5 Police, rifle sights, fixed Cyl Bore, Parkerized                               $168
18.5 Police, rifle sights, fixed Modified, Parkerized                               $168

18.5 Police, High Luster Blued, bead sight fixed I/C                              $162
18.5" with XS rifle sights IC Choke                                                        $228

18.5" with  XS Rifle Sights Modified choke                                          $ 228

18.5" Marine Bead Sight Cyl bore                                                          $170
18.5" Marine Rifle sight Cyl Bore                                                           $194

 20" Police, parkerized, bead sight                                                        $160
20" police, High luster blued, bead sight                                               $150
20" police, parkerized, Rifle sights                                                        $168
20" Rifle sight, IC matte finish, with barrel ring detent                       $150

21" Vent Rib, Hi-viz bead, RC with Extra full Turkey choke , with detent              $195
26" Vent Rib Rem Choke matte finish                                                   $172
28" Vent Rib Rem choke matte finish                                                 $172
30" Vent Rib Rem Choke matte finish                                                   $172

870 20 ga Barrels  

These barrels are for the 20 ga Lightweight only.  So, if your serial number starts with the letters RS they fit.   Or if it is an older gun and the serial number ends in the Letter U, they fit.   If your 20ga is a heavy from the old days there are no barrels made for and I don't know where you can find one so please don't ask.

20 Ga, 18.5" Cyl Bore choke, with detent                                                                          $ 135

20 Ga, 18.5" Vent Rib Matte finish with Rem choke, with detent                                   $ 162
20GA, 18.75" Vent Rib Wingmaster high luster Blue
              with Rem Choke and High viz Bead Sight                                                             $ 185

​20ga 20" Smooth bore with Rifle Sights

​            In Wingmaster Blue finish Fixed IC Choke                                                              $189

​20ga  20" Fully Rifled with Rifle sights matte finish                                                           $215

​20ga  18" Fully Rifled with Cantilever Barrel matte finish  (Special Price)                     $210

20ga 26" Vent Rib with Rem Choke                                                                                      $200

​20ga 28" Vent Rib with Rem Choke                                                                                     $200

11-87 Police Barrels  ( these are the only ones they Make)

14" Rifle sights fixed modified                                                     $202

​18.5" Bead Sight I/C fixed Choke Parkerized                              $152

​18.5" Rifle Sights I/C fixed Choke Parkerized                              $175

Remington 1100 12ga Barrel

​18.5" Bead sight fixed IC choke black oxide finish                     $190

​If you get the 1100 barrel a Combat bolt handle is a must.  I have the Choate handle in stock for $11.00.   A Tactical Carrier is recommended also as it has a enlongated carrier release that makes loading the 1100 or 11/87 the same as loading the 870.


Factory new Stocks

​Remington LE 13" LOP with R3 Pad                                              $100

​Remington LE 13" LOP with Pistol grip                                        $100

​SpecOps Gen II 12ga  w/black hawk forend                               $99

​​Factory New Take Offs (these come of the guns I build on)

​12ga Hard wood (birch)  Sport Set with forend and all hardware              $75

​12ga Hard wood (birch( Monte Carlo with forend and all hardware          $80

​20ga Hard wood (birch) Sport set with forend and all hardware                $75


Police breech bolt assembly, Black Oxide                                           $98
Police Breech bolt assembly, Chrome                                                 $98
Marine Breech bolt assembly                                                               $98
Police trigger plate assembly Blued finish                                            $92
Police trigger plate assembly matte finish                                             $92
Police Trigger plate assembly right hand eject/lefthand safety             $92
Marine Magnum trigger plate assembly                                                $92

Forend tube assembly Black Oxide with tube nut                                
Fits all 12ga up to 3" does not fit Supermag guns                             $42

Forend tube assembly Marine with tube nut                                         $42

Slide assembly                                                                                      $17
Slide assembly Marine                                                                          $19
12 ga 870 Carrier Assembly                                                                      $17

12ga Remington follower  Hiz Vis                                                            $5

12ga SBE Tactical Follower                                                                       $20

12ga SBE Sport Follower                                                                           $19

Wilson Combat Tactical Follower                                                             $6

12ga Remington Extended Magazine Spring for Rem LE Extensions                         $5

12ga Remington Extended Marine Magazine Spring for Marine LE Extensions       $5

12ga Wave Washer                                                                                      $2.00

12 ga Wave Washers, Three count                                                            $6.00

​Firing pin retractor spring.  Another part that is a must to upgrade on the Older 870's is the Firing Pin Retractor Spring.   The old spring was prone to breakage and the guys at Remington solved that some years back.   This video shows the difference in the old and new spring and how easy it is to replace.    Click on this video link to see what it is and how easy it is to install.     Spring is              $5.00

J-Lock replacement safety kit.  Comes with all new parts.  You get a new safety, detent ball and safety detent spring.  This is the only way to safely get rid of that J-lock mess.    It is a simple fix so watch this video             Kit is $16 each.   Shipping is $7 by 2-3 day priority USPS or $3.25 Ground

Remington 1100/11-87 Tactical Carrier.   This is the Carrier that comes standard on the 1100 tactical and the
11-87 Police and has the extended carrier release button.  It make loading the same as loading an 870.   Click on the following video show how easy it is to install.

Carrier is $34 and if needed a new carrier latch spring is $5. 

Flex Tab Conversion kit for early model Wingmaster:   A must if you are converting a non flex tab Wingmaster to a Fighting gun.     Flex Tab Kit is Three parts,  A new Breech Bolt, New Side and new Carrier Assembly.
Watch this video to understand how it works and for installing it.
Flex Tab Conversion kit -    $120 with your choice of Black Oxide Breech Bolt or Chrome.  
I also recommend getting a New Forend Tube Assembly also but this part is not in the Conversion kit but it list for sale above

You can find other parts and accessories on my e-store.   Click here

More stuff to come here on this page also.

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