Custom 870 Marine Magnum

Marine Elite

AI&P Tactical 870 Marine Elite Shotgun.  Few people would need this model. Few people would not want this model. Factory new Remington 870 Marine Magnum receiver with all new factory Marine parts.  The barrel is an 18.5 Marine in Cyl Bore (only one they make), Sights are Trijicon Tritium Rifle sights which cost over $130 alone.  Or you can opt for the less expensive Meprolight tritium sights.

 I added a Remington LE Two round extension to give this weapon a 6+1 capacity. I installed a SBE Remingotn Tactical follower which is one of the best you can find and is aluminum and Teflon coated.

The Mesa 6 shot shell carrier can be installed on the receiver or on the rear of the stock, you decide the location, I recommend stock mounted as it does not have to be removed to clean the weapon like the receiver mounted one. The Stock is the Mesa Tactical LEO with hydraulic buffer. The hydraulic buffer is warrantied for 20 million cycles, in other words, for life and reduces felt recoil by 70%. This is the best possible recoil reducing stock on the market today and the M4 Limbsaver pad I install adds comfort when shooting exceeding anything else out there and also further reduces felt recoil. However the best feature of this stock is the fact that it all but eliminates muzzle flips.  This keeps the barrel down for faster follow up shots and that could be a life saver in a gun fight.  The stock is adjustable with a pull of the lever and can adjust to any shooter. Included is a Mesa Tactical push button Quick detach single point attachment. The stock also has a slotted sling mount at the rear bottom of the stock and a slot in the stock so you have a two point option also.

The forend is the Remington OEM Law Enforcement forend not the Speedfeed one that comes on the stock 870 Marine.  This forend is not as abrasive on you hand after a qual day or long range day. You can upgrade to the new Surefire DSF with dual lighting of 200 lumens or 600 Lumens for $280. The switches on the DSF are programmable so you decide which ones control which function.
Do the math and compare the High quality high accessories on this weapon to any weapon being offered by any of my competitors. You will not find any of these features on a competitor’s weapon at this price. I warranty this weapon for two years. I am a Certified Remington LE Armorer and Certified on the 870 Police and qualified to build this weapon. I built this model with LEO's on Marine details, DNR officers, Marine Patrol Officers and for Boaters who sail or reside on their boats for extended periods. This weapon would also serve for any LEO who relies on these weapons every hour of every shift and to those on Tactical teams such as SRT. HRT and High Risk Warrant Teams, this weapon was built with you in mind and the requirements of your mission.  And of course for anyone who just plain ass wants one.
Cost as shown and described above  is $1,155.00

Remington 870 12ga  Marine Magnum
Capacity                    6+1
Length                       37.5"  to 40.5" when stock fully extended
Length of Pull            12.5"  to 15.5"
Weight                       8lbs to 9.8lbs depending on accessories

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