How-To Videos

This series of "How to Video's" are intend to show my customers and other Remington Shotgun owners who have a working knowledge of their weapon how to replace basic parts, or to install basic accessories.   If you do not possess this basic knowledge of your weapon or you are not completely comfortable preforming any of these basic installs then take your weapon to a Certified Remington Armorer or gun smith.   AI&P Tactical, LLC accepts no responsibility for repairs you perform or accessories you install.   If a procedure in a video is not completely clear to you then do not perform the task as incorrect install could damage your weapon or create a safety issue.   You are welcome to call me for any assistance or clarification of anything in these video's.


I hated to post these on you tube but that was the best way to get them posted so we could link them to my web site.   These days every clown with a gun and a camera is a star on you tube and there is some mess on there that can damage your weapon or make it unsafe.    I am a Remington Factory Trained Law Enforcement Armorer and I go to Ilion every three years to recertify.  So the information in my videos comes from the Remington Law Enforcement Training classes and from my experience of over 34 years with the Remington shotgun.  This is what I do for a living and you are getting the correct information in all the AI&P Video's.

Note: in the tube extension video I refer to stainless steel wool, that is incorrect.  Use regular steel wool you can get anywhere. I am  going to list the links to the videos that I had posted on you tube and not the actual video's as there is not room in this web site format.  Click the link and it will take you right to the video.

Special thanks to Jason Lafever who shot, edited and loaded these video's.  Jason is a Security Specialist for my Security Company, Advocate Investigation & Protection (now you know where AI&P comes from) and not only made these great videos but had the knowledge to explain all of this to an idiot (me) and help him understand what can and can not be done to make these come out so much better then the old ones on this web site.

Tube  Extension Kit.

If you have a 4+1 Express model you are going to have to adapt the magazine tube to install an extension.   The first video is going to show you the proper way to do this.  Follow this video and you will have adapted your weapon without risk of damage.  If you saw or read some mess about sticking a socket in there and beating on it to raise the detents, be advised that risk serious damage to your weapon.  Your mag tube is braised in to the receiver.  Beating on the mag tube can crack that braising and your receiver will have to go back to the factory as that is a factory repair.   You can put a stress fracture on that mag tube and not even see it with that fool mess socket method.   Even Tube Extension makes such as Choate describe this same drill out the detent method for adapting the Express shotgun for their tube.    If think some you tube clowns know more then Remington, Choate and me and you have to do that beat the things out mess then fine.  Call me after you FYUBAR your receiver and I will sell you a factory new receiver for $260. 

Also, the tube extension magazine tube coupling is held in place by a small detent ball in the barrel ring.  If your barrel does not have a detent ball these is nothing to hold the mag tube coupling from turning.  Panic not, go to and look in "Other Gun Stuff" and find the "Wave Washer".  This item will retain your mag tube coupling or magazine cap just fine.   You simply install the barrel then place a wave washer over the mag tube on to the barrel ring then screw on the mag tube coupling.  This washer keeps it tight and that three pack will last you many years.  Also, the Wave Washers with say for a Remington 1100, don't worry about that mess as they work on any Remington shotgun.  Click on the first link to see how to adapt your receiver for a tube extension kit.

 This second video will show you how to properly install the tube kit.   This is important as an improper install can leave a gap between the mag tube and the tube extension.  Your spring can hang up and prevent shells from feeding back on the carrier.  Or prevents you from loading a full six round load.


The Express model comes with a Machine Injected Molded (MIM) Extractor.   I have never seen a MIM extractor fail, become dull or fail to perform.  I have them in several of my hunting shotguns.   However, the Police comes with a solid steel extractor and many people perfer to upgrade their Express model with this part.  No, I don't sell small parts, so call Remington at 800-243-9700, follow the prompts to parts and ask for part 16176.    Do not get this part anywhere else as many guys are getting the 11-87 Extractors by mistake and they are wider and do not work properly in an 870.   To change out your extractor click on the below link and watch the video.

Safety Switch

If the safety on your weapon is working there is little need to change it.   You may however want to install an over size safety and this video will show you how.  You may also want to replace the J-lock safety if you have that mess on your weapon.  Here are the parts you need to replace your safety or the J-lock safety.   Safety switch #25115, safety detent ball #23223, safety switch spring #17514 and if you loose the safety spring retaining pin or if it appear loose, it is part #97577.  Click on the below link and watch the video to see how to change out the safety on your weapon.

If you want the J-lock Replacement kit they are for sale on the Accessory & Parts page here or on in the "Other Gun Stuff" category.

Carrier Dog Follower Spring.

This is a feel good upgrade you can do to a defense shotgun.  All Remington shotguns come with a silver colored carrier dog follower spring.  This spring controls the action of the carrier dog follow and how strong the carrier operates.   I leave this spring in all my hunting shotguns and simply change it out every few year.   The 870 police comes with a black colored carrier dog follower spring that is a model 1100 carrier latch spring part #16966.  I use this spring in my defense shotguns as these weapons are subject to heavier and more violent use as I am going to racking the hell out of that weapon in a fight.   Again, the sliver one if fine for most all applications but if you want to upgrade then click on the below link and watch the video.

Sear Spring

Please listen carefully to what I am saying while watching this video.    Messing with the trigger, any trigger, of any weapon is serious business.   I am going to  set the record straight on these crooks selling trigger kits for Remington Shotgun.   I am going to explain the three weights of sears Remington makes and the use for each one and show you how easy it is to change the sear.  So watch and listen by clicking on the below link.

Flex Tab Conversion Kit for Wingmasters

If you are converting an older Wingmaster 870 to a defense gun it is important that it has this Conversion.  All newer 870's have it.   This video explains what it is and how it works.   If you don't have it on the gun you are converting I suggest you do the math and decide if spending the money on the flex tab conversion, a barrel and a tube extension makes sense.   You may be better off selling the Wingmaster as a Sporting gun and buying a New 870 Home Defense model.  I sell the Flex Tab Conversion kit here on the "Accessory & Page or on my e-store in the "Other Gun Stuff" Category.  If you are upgrading an older Wingmaster also watch the Video after this one, Firing Pin Retractor Spring

Firing Pin Retractor Spring

Another part that is a must to upgrade on the Older 870's is the Firing Pin Retractor Spring.   The old spring was prone to breakage and the guys at Remington solved that some years back.   This video shows the difference in the old and new spring and how easy it is to replace.   These are for sale on the "Accessory & Parts" page

Remington Model 1100/11-87 Tactical Carrier

This is the carrier that comes on the 1100 tactical and the 11-87 Police.   It is called the Competition Carrier but many refer to it as the Tactical Carrier.   I was getting a lot of request for these so I started selling them.  Unlike after market carriers for speed loading that cause you to modify you gun, this is a simple install with no modification.   I decided to do a How To Video showing how to install it.   Here is the link


If these videos have help you and you would like to see more, then please e-mail me at the e-mail address on the contact page.  I will have more coming soon with the following topics  and some for installing common accessories.

Break Down

Installing stocks

Installing sights