Remington 12ga 870

HD Duty

AI&P Tactical HD Duty.   This stands for Home Defense / Duty as this weapon will serve perfectly for either.  This is a basic solid fighting shotgun.  If every model I build was load and laying on a table in front of me and I knew I was going out the door for a gun fight, this is the one I would pick up.   It is a quazi 870 Police model as it has the same finish, furniture and parts as the 870 Police.

Heavy zinc parkerized 870 Magnum receiver is upgraded with the heavier carrier dog follower spring as found in the 870P.  The bolt is upgraded to an 870 Police bolt.  Wilson Combat over size safety is added.   The Barrel is a factory parkerized 18.5" fixed modified choke with factory install Meprolight tritium bead.    The Stock is the Remington LE 13" LOP with R3 pad or Supercell or you can select the Remington LE 13" with pistol grip (same stock as Speedfeed IV-S ) with  R3 pad or Supercell.   The forend is the Remington LE forend which comes standard on the 870 Police models.  I have come to discover is less abusive to your hand during long qual sessions and range days.  Or can get one of these with no change in price  Houge, Magpul or Remington Tactical (same as Speedfeed LE forend).   I have installed the Wilson Combat 2 shot extension, this is the universal model without sling plate  If you want a two point configuration pick one of the other extensions   I have added a Mesa single point sling attachment with a push button quick detach.  Or you can opt for a Midwest Industry sling plate mounted between the stock and the receiver  Selecting the Midwest Industry can increase the price and that would be based on which one you select.   Note:  you do not need a sling for HD but most tactical training courses require one so this weapon is set up for one.  It would work perfect with any single point Slings.  Or, you can have the Wilson 2 shot extension with either left slotted plate, vertical slotted plate or vertical plate with a QD stud to match the one on the stock.  You would now be set up for one, two or three point sling configurations.   I have upgraded the follow with the SBE Tactical Follower which is aluminum and is Teflon Coated

You can have any of the Wilson 2 shot extension mentioned above installed and subtract the Mesa Single point and take $15 off this build.

You can also get this with any of the stocks I have in stock (pun intended).  Changing to other stocks may change the price so contact me for quote.

You can add a Mesa 6 round Poly Shell carrier for $38, or the Mesa 6 round Aluminum for $65  or the Mesa 8 rd Aluminum shell holder for $75

Add the Surefire DSF forend for $280 or the Remington bracket with Picitinney rail and QD stud for $20 and add your own light.

The weapon as pictured is $675 plus shipping to your ffl transfer dealer.   If this is an LEO Duty weapon then LEO's can have this delivered to their Departments with the proper Letter Head form submitted to me.  Except for California as they require LEO weapons to go to an ffl so they can rip you off for the state tax.  

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