Gun Fight

I am going to share somethings that I have come to find to be truths.   You may or may not agree, so take what you find useful and leave the rest.  Some of you may decide all this is pure BS and you are welcomed to your opinion.  Others may see some wisdom and common sense here and come to the conclusion that what follows is something that benifit you.  You are the one I am writing this for.

I have come up with a phrase that I call a "Combat Unit of Time"  or CUT for short.  This is a measurement of time.  It is the time from when his primer ignites and his round hits you in the chest.   Not much f'en time is it.   So if you trim one CUT off your response and deploy your weapon this one CUT before the other guy, well, your round hits him and he does not fire or he throws his shot.  You win, he looses.  He's dead, you ain't.

The first thing you have to do is, and I am quoting the Captain from "Cool Hand Luke", is "Get your mind right.  If there is any doubt in your mind, any, a single even passing thought that you can't take a life, then don't depend on a firearm for home or self defence.  Invest in alarms, motion lights and a big bad ass dog like my Captain J.C. Powell ( Picture below).  If you are not of the right mind set, then introducing a firearm into any incident can often make matters worse for you, not better.  The likelihood of you even needing a firearm for home defense is minute and having these weapons and the ability to use them is as much a comfort and sense of security issue as anything else.  Could you need one, could having one safe your life and your families?  Hell yes, but only if you are willing to do what is necessary when the time comes.  Pull that weapon on an unarmed intruder who is willing to challenge you for it and he ends up armed and pissed.  You just introduced a firearm into the incident because you hesitated.  Your "Mind was not Right" and now you have a serious problem.  Never pull a weapon with the hope of scaring someone into running away.  If they do then fine but if they don't then you are ready to do what is necessary.   Understand that when you shoot someone with a shotgun they are going to die most every time.  Have you heard the term "shotgun dead?"   This is because of all the weapons you can own in this country the shotgun is the most deadly and has the most fire power.  A 12ga shotgun has more initial fire power then any assault rifle or even a fully automatic sub machine gun.  I will explain this later on this page.  Till you get to that part, just trust me on this.  So if your "Mind is right" keep reading.

                               Captain J.C. Powell, K-9 Extraordinaire, protector and best friend

              Freya - Norse Goddess of Love and War.   Her model is "If you can't lay 'em, slay 'em".

The fighting shotgun.  Here is where many people split from me.  I preach "Keep it basic"  I spend more time talking people out of putting a lot of mess on their weapon then I do selling.  I am not a good salesman or I would be grossing about 40% more a year due to mark up in all this tacti-fool mess people want.  Read the Build your weapon link on this web site and you will get an idea of how to design the weapon that is right for you.   Keep in mind that when it comes time to deploy this weapon the more basic it is, the easier it is going to be to use and it is going to take the minimal CUTS to deploy it.

     Once your weapon is built the most important thing you can do is learn to use that weapon in a real world situation.  I am talking about the most probable situation that can occur in your home or on your property.  Not this bull shit that you read on these gun blogs where guys are preparing for their home to be invaded like in the ending scene of Scare Face, but the type of incidents that can happen to you.  You have to learn how deploy this weapon and reduce the Cuts and have your shot hit before his does or before he is on you striking you with the same crowbar he used to break in your home with.
     This is where taking the right training course comes in.  Notice I say the right training course.  If you go to the wrong one and have some so called "Tactical Instructor" trying to turn you into a Seal Team Six member or Delta Force shooter, well, you are going to get messed up in your mind.  You are going to be filled with so much stuff you will never need and never use that the entire experience has been counter productive.  I am working on putting up a list of Trainers that I approve of.  As of this writing I have one and he will get your mind right, give you the mind set and the skills you need.  Here is his web site and if you are anywhere around Memphis Tennessee check it out.

     I will add more training courses and if anyone knows of some solid no bull shit training classes for the shotgun, give me a yell and I will check them out.    These have to be instructors that share my ideals on fighting shotguns.  They should be of the Clint Smith school of staying alive and not some kind of "Tacti-fool" wantabe operators.  Read this web site over and you will understand where I am coming from and will only recommend courses that come from the same experiences that I have. 

     Once you have the weapon, have learned to use it, have planned how best to use it considering everything, you then need to do three things.  1. practice 2. practice 3.  practice more.  You need trigger time and lots of it.  This has to be instinctive, an action you can do from muscle memory. 

     Remember when you were learning to drive?  How you held your hands at 10 and 2 O'clock on the steering wheel.  You would turn the wheel slightly when the car drifted left or right and you concentrated on keeping it going straight down the road.   Well, that was then and this is now.  Now you drive and never consider adjusting the wheel.  You are talking, on the cell phone, day dreaming, messing with the radio or looking around.  You never once conscientiously adjust the wheel to make the car go straight.  Yet that car is not going straight, you are doing it and you are not having to think about it.   That is how you have to operate a weapon to be successfully in a fight and you can only get there with trigger time and thousands of rounds down range.   I will go into some training drills that you can do that will give you the edge you need to win.  More to come.

     Fire power.  I mentioned above that a 12ga shotgun has more initial fire power then an assault rifle or Sub Machine Gun.   Here is a a little demonstration I witnessed that proves this point.
     1991 Metro Dade Range, Miami FL.  Two SWAT members put on a demonstration.  One had an 870 with 20" barrel and three shot tube.  He was loaded with 2 3/4" 00 buck which has 12 pellets so that was 8 rounds = 96 pellets.   The other had a fully auto MP-5 type sub machine gun in 9mm with a 30 round magazine.   Empty  frames were used to simulate a window and they would both begin to fire when they turned.  Standing targets were set behind the frames with just cardboard to show hits.   The target turned and they began firing.  The sub gun guy was really working the trigger perfect and putting out 3 round burst.  The pump shooter was rocking, wow, he had that pump down.   Everyone conceded that the Sub gun shooter finished almost a second before the shotgun shooter did.   But here is the point people.   The shooter with the 12ga put 96 .32 caliber pellets through that window in almost the same time the Sub Machine gun shooter put 30 9mm rounds. 

The above proved to me beyond all doubt that the 12ga shotgun has more initial firepower then a sub-machine gun.  I say initial firepower because the sub gun was mag fed and could be reloaded faster.   KEY POINT.  If you address a close quarters threat with the maximum fire power and end the threat there is no need to reload.  There is no weapon that you can use that can put 9,12,15, 21 or more pellets depending on what you are using into a threat with one ignition of a primer.  Nothing.  Someone shooting a high capacity hand gun would have to pull the trigger 15 times to put the same number of holes in a threat that you can put with one pull of the trigger if you are shooting 12 ga 3" magnum 00 buckshot.

What is a basic weapon.  To keep from having to put a lot of stuff here I want you to go to the "Build your weapon Link" and read that page.    For a dedicated HD weapon you have almost no need for any accessories that did not come with a basic pump shotgun.  Yes, shorter is better and reduced LOP stocks are a plus.  A short barrel of 18.5" is a major advantage for getting around in your home so I consider that a must have.   Tube extensions have their value when keeping the weapon loaded as you can keep four or five rounds in the tube and not compress the mag tube spring for extended time.   However, a tube extension is not a necessity on a dedicate HD weapon as it is unlikely that you will encounter a situation inside your home that will require more then a couple rounds from a shotgun.

Come back soon as I will be adding to this page.  I will next go into detail about the home defense shotgun.  Much of it is on the build you weapon page of this web site but I will go into detail on why the things I recommend reduce CUTS and why most of the mess out there can get you killed.  Yes, I know I get to dramatic sometimes but this is serious shit people and I want anyone who decides to use an AI&P Tactical to know what to do and how to do it.  You trusted me with your life and the life of your family when you decided to have me build you a weapon and I owe you much for that trust.  Also, if you have read this and like what you are reading and want more, please e-mail and let me know I am providing something you can use.  If you think I am an idiot and this is just a bunch of mess you can e-mail also.  Share your view of this and I may learn something, but man you better have the facts or the background to back up what you are saying and not be some key board commando repeating some mess you read or got from some fool training course.  Joe Friday it, just the facts.