About Shipping

I prefer to ship everything by 2-3 day priority United States Postal Service with delivery confirmation. I add signature required to weapons. The reason for this is if there is a problem with a weapon or missing weapon the US Postal Inspectors immediately get involved and they have Federal LEO status. Postal employees know this and would not risk taking a firearm.  I have never had any issue with a weapon shipping by this method, no damage, no missing weapons and only a few times did the package not arrive in the 3 day limit.........It will be 4+  days to you guys in Alaska or HI for most shipments. This is not the cheapest way to ship but it is worth it when you are shipping a firearm.   However,   due to the high cost of shipping I am offering USPS ground on  to help reduce your cost.

I do not charge for insurance and anyone who does this is a thief in my book.  Why would you pay the seller for insurance?  If you pay for an item and it does not arrive to you undamaged it is the responsibility of the seller to see you get the item you paid for.   If something is lost then it is on me to send you another.  If something is damaged it is on me to replace it.  I refuse to buy from anyone trying to rip me off by charging me for shipping insurance as that tells me they are not going to ensure I get what I paid for.  If you will note my over 3,450 feedbacks on gun broker, every one of them perfect, every one of them.  So buy with confidence that you are going to get exactly what your ordered in your hands no matter what.

Due to the high cost of shipping I am offering USPS ground on firearms to help reduce your cost. 

Rates for weapons are as follows:

Midwest states                                   $25  2-3 day priority     or           $20    ground
Standard                                              $30  2-3 day priority     or           $25    ground
Mountain                                              $45  2-3 day priority     or           $30    ground
Pacific Time Zones and Florida     $50   2-3  day priority    or           $38  ground
Alaska and Hawaii                            $50   2-3 day priority    or           $45   ground – warning ground can be several weeks to AK or HI

Barrels and Stocks

Midwest states                                                $13  2-3 day priority   or         $  10 ground
 Mountain time zones                                      $14  2-3 day priority  or          $11 ground
Pacific time zones and Florida                        $15  2-3 day priority   or         $12 ground
Alaska and Hawaii                                          $16  2-3 day priority  or          $13 ground

14” Barrels

Midwest                                                          $10
Mountain time zones                                      $12
Pacific Time zones and Florida                      $13

Most small parts ship 2-3 day priority USPS for $7

Finding an ffl dealer:  Weapons and receivers have to ship to an FFL Dealer.  all other parts can ship to your door.  To find an ffl go to www.gunbroker.com and click on the link "for Buyer" on that page click on "find an ffl Transfer Dealer" and on that page find the search block and enter your zip code.  Shop around as these guys charge differently.

DO NO SHIP ME ANYTHING FED EX-----   They speed in, bang the door and before I can even get to it they haul butt.  I can't pick anything up there as it is 90 miles from here.  I refuse to do business with them as even getting anything delivered has been a nightmare over the years.  If you send something it can take days for them to deliver it out here. 

Please ship USPS or UPS.   Anyone can send long guns or parts by the Post Office so don't let some Postal Clerk BS you.  If they refuse then demand to see the Post Master.  No reason to tell them what you are Shipping.  An unloaded gun is not hazardous nor any of the question they ask about.  Just answer the questions no and ship your item.   USPS with signature is the best way to ship if shipping a gun for refinishing