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Custom Tactical Shotgun   Custom Remington 870 Shotgun

Remington 870 Parts

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All parts, accessories and barrel listed on this site are available for sale on the e-store

 Click here to go to my storeewww.tacticalgunslings.com   

I have reduced the models I offer as I am now only building on Virgin receivers.   So only the Police and Marine models are available.    I

I understand there is a lot of information on this web site and more will be added as I see the need.  I want buyers to be truly informed and not simply victims of "Marketing Hype", which in my opinion is not much different then out right lying .    Take your time and read all the info.   It is all accurate and based on my 39 years of doing this and from the fine Instructors at the Law Enforcement Training Division at the Factory in Illion where I go for a week once every three years to re-certify.    I am sharing this information so that you have the facts.   Not to make sales.  If I wanted sales I would be pushing every "Tacti-fool" bunch of mess I could put on a gun on to you and getting as much money as possible from you.  The thought of you laying dead beside some pile of Tacti-fool junk that was impossible to deploy in fight is one that I will never have to see when an AI&P Tactical Shotgun is used.   Doesn't mean you will win but a solid fighting shotgun improves your chances  greatly and I would not be a party to your death should you loose.

After looking at one of the models I offer be sure to check out the  "Options" page.  These are the items you can have on your weapon and you can start with any model and change the options to your need.  Then call or E-mail for an updated price based on your changes.    If there is a stock or accessory you want that I don't offer, I can build your weapon without stocks and you can install what you want.  Maybe you already have a stock set or barrel you want to use and this can be factored into the price of a new model that I build for you.

AI&P Tactical Custom Shotguns are being used by LEO's in 43 states including local, state and Federal Agencies.  They are also serving in American Territories and over seas. I also provide Armorer service, rebuild and refinish weapons for Police Departments. I am a Remington Factory Certified Law Enforcement Armorer, Certified on the Remington 870 Police Shotgun and Remington 11-87 Police Shotgun and only build on the Remington 870 and 11-87.  I carried a Remington 870 Shotgun during my career and know of no better shotgun made.  My weapons are true upgrades, not paint, bells and whistles that have nothing to do with performance.  I formed, trained and commanded HRT's for 6 years, and was a Team Member prior to that.  I am SWAT certified and I understand the application of a shotgun. 

If you are looking for a Duty Weapon in an 870 then I have three very important bits of advice for you  to heed.  1. Keep it basic  2. Keep it basic  3. Keep it basic.   A shotgun is a close quarters weapon that is designed for rapid deployment.  The more junk you put on it the less effective it becomes.  I will try to talk you into a simple basic weapon.  Once I have my say, I will shut up and put what you want on the weapon (within limits) The weapon you design is to protect you and yours not me and mine.  If you are comfortable with the weapon it will be more effective in your hands.     A shell carrier and weapons light is still in keeping with a basic fighting gun if those items enhance the effectiveness of the weapon for you intended use.   So, I don't consider these excessive.  

You never have to repeat yourself when you have an 870 in your hands 'cause they heard you perfectly clear the first damn time.  
J.D McGuire

I keep the hours of 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Seven days a week open for business so call between those times.  If I am in the shop I will not be able to answer so leave a message as I check e-mail and phone mail often and will call you back.   Please leave a best time to call you in the message and your time zone as I can return calls late in the evening if you need me to.

"If you are too busy to talk to your customers, you won't be too busy very long"
J.D. McGuire
Remington Tactical shotguns are the number one Shotgun being used in Law Enforcement.   There are more 870's in our gun safes then any other pump shotgun.  There are over 11,000,000 870's out there and most every one of them is still running like a swiss watch.  The ones that are not are because neglect or abuse by the owner.   You will seldom go to a range without seeing a 40 to 50+ year old 870 being fired.  

Most all the builders of Custom Tactical Shotguns build on Remington Shotguns.  The first question most people ask is how long does this take?  I do not build the weapon until payment comes in.   Much depends on how many weapons are on the build board.   A client called two nights ago and his Police Elite shipped the next day because he paid by CC and sent his FFL that same night.   

These Remington Shotguns are true custom weapons and I am the only person that will touch your weapon. Other who do this are larger operations and have become, simply, smaller production lines and several people will work on your weapon.  Try calling them and asking to speak to the person who built your weapon.  Also, try calling them with a change to the build at 9pm, good luck with that one.

I am a straight forward and honest person to do business with.  I have over 3,737 feed backs ratings on Gun Broker under the user name aippi, every one of them an A+ and have never gotten less.  That speaks volumes about how I  do business.   If you have any question about doing business with me that should have answered it. 

So  if you are looking for a Remington Tactical Shotgun for duty  then I can build it providing the build uses the items I use on my custom builds.  We can agree on other items but this could delay the build as these could be items I don't keep in stock.   There are also accessories and brands I will not put on an AI&P Tactical Shotgun and I will simply tell you this is not a weapon I will build.

I now accept credit card payment.  I use Payment Alliance which is endorsed by the NRA and NSSF.  The prices on this web site are "Cash Discount" Price for those of you that send a Check or Money Order.  Payments by Credit Card will be 3% higher then the "Cash Discount" price. 

I am ever humbled by the many clients who have showed complete trust and confidence in me to build a weapon that they will count on to protect themselves and their family.  The LEO's who carry my weapons are putting their life, the life of their fellow officers and the lives of the people they are sworn to protect into my hands.  I take this seriously and every weapon that comes out of my shop is 100% duty ready and one that I would trust my life to as well.
"If you're going to a gun fight, take a shotgun.  If you can't take a shotgun, don't go."
I have been doing this since 1980 so I know a little about  it,  however I go to the factory in Illion NY every three years to re-certify and stay current with the Remington Platforms.   Below is my current Certification.
www.tacticalgunsling.com  www.tacticalgunsling

Good news.   www.combat-shotgun.com  a gun forum for grown ups with no silly mess found on so many other forums is now back.   Membership is free.   Topic are for all types of guns and activities not just Defense.   Check it out and give it a try.​

www.tacticalgunslings.com   Is now an online store with Duty Quality Slings I make right here.  You will find Remington parts and barrels.   It also has other items as well.   You will find Mesa Tactical Sling attachments for shotguns, Midwest Industry Sling plates for shotguns and several styles of AR sling mounts.    Shooting Eye and hearing protection.   I have many Remington Shotgun parts listed.    There are magazines for AR's Mini-14's and others.  There is one flat rate shipping so if you purchase a sling check out the other items and have them shipped in the same shipping bag and save some money.​

www.tacticalgunsling.com  www.tacticalgunsling.com   www.tacticalgunsling.com