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J.D. McGuire, Owner

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Freedom Group has changed the Dealer structure and I may add with  no notice to us.  Dealers can no longer purchase firearms directly from them.   I have the second highest Dealer Rating as I am listed as a " Master Gun Shop",  however the next one and one that would continue to allow me to purchase firearms from them is "Master Distributor" and requires a $400,000.00 initial purchase and you must maintain one million dollars in purchases a year.   This has been a blow to me and many other dealers.   The guns I build on must now be purchased from a Wholesale Distributor and will cost me from $14 to $24 more per build.  Add the parts price increase for 2015 and I have no choice but to raise the price of my Custom Builds.   I am already the best value of any Custom built 870 on the Market so I am hoping the increase does not affect my  business.  Also, the other builders are in the same situation as none of them purchase One Million Dollars in guns and parts a year so they will have to raise their prices also, and may already have.   I am going to raise my prices as the guns and parts I paid 2014 prices for are gone and I have to replace them.

I now offer Houge stocks and Magpull stocks.   Don't care for either but people keep asking for them and they do not hinder the deployment of a weapon and in fact will increase you effectiveness if that is what you are comfortable with.   So, I have them.

Would you like to watch your AI&P Tactical Shotgun being built live?  I am looking for someone to help me test this concept.   We set up a time and you would simply sign in to Ustream and go to my channel and watch me build your weapon.   We can talk over a cell phone so you can not only watch but ask questions while I am building it.  If this concept works out I will then offer it to all clients purchasing an AI&P Custom build.  If you are purchasing an AI&P Tactical and want to be the first one to try this concept simply tell me when you  call about a build or include it in your e-mail.

AI&P Tactical Custom Shotguns are being used by LEO's in 43 states including local, state and Federal Agencies.  They are also serving in American Territories and over seas. I also provide Armorer service, rebuild and refinish weapons for Police Departments. I am a Remington Factory Certified Law Enforcement Armorer, Certified on the Remington 870 Police Shotgun and Remington 11-87 Police Shotgun and only build on the Remington 870 and 11-87.  I carried a Remington 870 Shotgun during my career and know of no better shotgun made.  My weapons are true upgrades, not paint, bells and whistles that have nothing to do with performance.  I formed, trained and commanded HRT's for 6 years, I am SWAT certified and I understand the application of a shotgun.  If you are looking for a Duty Weapon, Home Defense Shotgun or a fighting shotgun then I have three very important bits of advice for you.  1. Keep it basic 2. Keep it basic 3. Keep it basic. A shotgun is a close quarters weapon that is designed for rapid deployment.  The more junk you put on it the less effective it becomes.  I will try to talk you into a simple basic weapon.  Once I have my say, I will shut up and put what you want on the weapon (within limits) The weapon you design is to protect you and yours not me and mine.  If you are comfortable with the weapon it will be more effective in your hands.

I have been told that some of you can not see the headers that contain my contact info when using you mobile devices.   Here it is again for those having that issue.

72 E Chauvez Rd
Scottville, Michigan 49454
Tel:  231-690-0954   Fax 231-480-0360

I keep the hours of 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Seven days a week open for business so call between those times.  If I am in the shop I will not be able to answer so leave a message as I check e-mail and phone mail often and will call you back.   Please leave a best time to call you in the message and your time zone as I can return calls late in the evening if you need me to.

If you are too busy to talk to your customers, you won't be too busy very long"

                                                                                             - J.D. McGuire, Owner

Remington Tactical shotguns are the number one Shotgun being used in Law Enforcement.   There are more 870's in our gun safes then any other pump shotgun.  There are over 10,000,000 870's out there and most every one of them is still running like a swiss watch.  The ones that are not are because neglect or abuse by the owner.   You will seldom go to a range without seeing a 40 to 50+ year old 870 being fired.  

Most all the builders of Custom Tactical Shotguns build on Remington Shotguns.  The first question most people ask is how long does this take?  I do not build the weapon until payment comes in.   Much depends on how many weapons are on the build board.   A client called two nights ago and his Police Elite shipped the next day because he paid by CC and sent his FFL that same night.    Rebuild and refinishing services take longer.  Rebuilds take from 1 - 4 weeks and longer in the summer as fewer come in.   I will not parkerize one weapon and all depends on how many I have in so I can parkerize several once the tank is heated up.   If I need parkerized receivers to build on I would simply add your refinishing job in with them to speed things up and get your weapon back to you sooner.

LEO duty weapons and weapons for LE Agencies go to the head of the line.  If this is a problem then please shop somewhere else.  I am Remington Law Enforcement Armorer and that is my primary business.    Most often this involves small departments that can not afford to send an officer to armorers training and they have very few shotguns.  Or, their Armorer does not have the equipment to Parkerize so they may send all their weapons to me and I have to get them completed and back to duty.   Also, when an Officers sends his personal duty weapon to me, he is often doing without a shotgun and needs his weapon back as fast as possible.   I hope that anyone considering purchasing an AI&P Tactical or sending one for rebuild can appreciate this and would expect the same if this was your duty weapon. 

I have given you the long on this and most all weapons are finished in a couple days.   There are a few exceptions, if I have to order parts, that can take time for those parts to come in, however, I keep most all parts for the 870 and 11-87 on hand.

These Remington Tactical Shotguns are true custom weapons and I am the only person that will touch your weapon after it comes out of the bead blast cabinet.  Other who do this are larger operations and have become, simply, smaller production lines and several people will work on your weapon.  Try calling them and asking to speak to the person who built your weapon.

I am a straight forward and honest person to do business with.  I have over 2,960 feed backs ratings on Gun Broker under the user name aippi, every one of them an A+ and have never gotten less.  That speaks volumes about how I  do business.   If you have any question about doing business with me that should have answered it.

So  if you are looking for a Remington Tactical Shotgun for duty or Home Defense or even competition shooting or hunting check out my offerings.  You design them by going to the build your weapon page of this web site and I build it to your specs.   I build it providing the build uses the items I use on my custom builds.  We can agree on other items but this could delay the build as these could be items I don't keep in stock.   There are also accessories and brands I will not put on an AI&P Tactical Shotgun and I will simply tell you this is not a weapon I will build.

I now offer AP Custom shell holders.  These fit on your belt and can carry from 4 to 8 shells depending on the model.  This is the perfect option for a home defense shotgun as you would not have a weapon mounted shell holder and can simply clip the AP on your belt if you have to go outside.  Also pefect for LE use in the event you have to conduct and entry or search for an armed suspect as this gives you an easy carry for ammo in addition to your weapon mounted shell holder.  You can see these at

I now accept credit card payment.  I use Payment Alliance which is endorsed by the NRA and NSSF.  The prices on this web site are "Cash Discount" Price for those of you that send a Check or Money Order.  Payments by Credit Card will be 3% higher then the "Cash Discount" price.  I highly recommend you take the couple extra days to send payment in for a weapon and save that extra money.  I also understand that for smaller purchases the CC is convienent and that is why I am providing this service after refusing to for all these years.  I do not want anyone calling here and buying a weapon they can not afford by putting it on a CC.  That is what the hell is wrong with this country right now, we are spending money we don't have.  So if you are using the CC for convenience and intend to pay it off at the end the end of the month or within a short period, then fine, but please don't spend money you don't have.

Now on line a gun forum for those who want the best information and gun talk on the net.  Zero BS.  No membership fees.  A very different approach to forums by professionals in the business who are guns owners just like you and want to see the information about guns on the net be the correct information.  A forum were mutual respect for others members is mandatory.   No banners, no add space for sale, non revenue site just for the "Pure Love of Guns".

I am ever humbled by the hundreds of clients who have showed complete trust and confidence in me to build a weapon that they will count on to protect themselfs and their family.  The LEO's who carry my weapons are putting their life, the life of their fellow officers and the lives of the people they are sworn to protect into my hands.  I take this seriously and every weapon that comes on of my shop is 100% duty ready and one that I would trust my life to as well.